Ronghe City·Mountain Elf Pine Tower Children's Theme Park

It is a rare 'Giant Giant Screen' mountain theme children's paradise in Beijing. The Elf Valley is a mountain kingdom with a variety of pine cones and pines. There are wonderful time tunnels, fantasy theaters, intellectual labyrinths, hand workshops and sports worlds. The scene atmosphere creates children's full integration into the game characters. . Elf Valley's free and open play mode allows children to breathe freely, run and communicate happily; environmentally safe rides, 100 children can find a hundred kinds of fun; Elf Valley has magical magic, not only Let the children grow up happily, and bring great surprises to their parents. In the distance closer to the children, catch up with the pace of their growth.

The future Elf Valley will also breed mild small animals such as rabbits and squirrels. Children can get close to the natural elves with children and learn to communicate and get along with people, people and animals. A gentle little heart.

Ronghe City·Mountain Elf Pine Tower Children
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