Ronghe City·The Peak Restaurant

Jinshanling Ronghe City's well-built health diet center with a building area of 1,500 square meters and reasonable zoning plan, the upper and lower two-storey restaurant can accommodate nearly 300 guests at the same time, considerate the guests to eat, and take care of the private dining space. The restaurant on the top of the mountain is perfectly integrated into the mountain features and modern Zen in the environment, ingredients and utensils, presenting the guests with exquisite minds.

The design of the Peak Restaurant is simple and elegant, with a semi-embedded mountain structure. With a vast view, you can enjoy the unpredictable changes of the clouds in the morning. In the afternoon, overlooking the deep and shallow undulations of the mountains, you can look at the splendid galaxy of the stars and the stars. Storage.

Jinshanling·Ronghe Chengli invited Shanghai Heyuan Hotel Catering Group to carefully develop exclusive diet recipes for the health diet center. In a healthy and green way, the local raw materials are produced and incorporated into the diet as medicine or other therapeutic measures. Auxiliary, contribute to the treatment of the disease and physical and mental recovery.

Ronghe City·The Peak Restaurant
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