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Driving life, looking at the world

The Ronghe Yutianxia Project is located in the central living area of Luanping County, the intersection of Xinjian Road and Ronghe Avenue, and is the ending of the central living area of Luanping. The geographical location of the region is unique, with convenient transportation, complete facilities and superior natural living environment. The project has a reasonable architectural plan, facing north and facing the south. Combined with the European garden landscape design, the three elements of slope, forest and land form a perfect living environment, creating a humanized, comfortable, free space, and a British aristocratic manor-style living temperament.

The surrounding area of the project is complete, and the west side is a small flat, which lays a good foundation for the future of the owners and children. In addition, there are life support facilities such as Chinese Medicine Hospital, Maternal and Child Hospital, Rural Commercial Bank, China Mobile, and Post Office, which can easily meet daily needs. The project is adjacent to the “Nanshan Park”, the only mountain park in Muping, which is a natural oxygen bar.

 驾驭人生 纵览天下

Driving life, looking at the world
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