Quality Habitat Lingxiu City

Ronghe Lingxiu Project is located in the southeast of Xinjian Road and the southwest of Nanshan Park in Luanping County. It is the intersection of the new old town of Luanping County. It is located in the residential area of the middle and high-end consumer groups in the city. It is planned to be a mixed residential building with high-rise, multi-storey and garden houses. The total area of the plot is 200,000 m2.

The residential north area is mainly composed of low-rise relocated houses and high-rise comfortable and livable houses; the southern area is composed of surrounding landscape humanities and leisure residences and five-storey western-style houses and stacked villas; and the upper part of the integration commercial complex is planned to cater to young people. Small apartment apartment-style housing - adaptable to various types of market, to meet different needs.

Quality Habitat Lingxiu City
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