Zhang Guojun: Do not forget the initial heart, always have to

Zhang Guojun, founder of Ronghe Group Co., Ltd. Under his leadership, Ronghe Group has made outstanding achievements in many fields such as engineering construction, real estate development, tourism resource development and operation, and promoted the comprehensive development of many industries with innovative business ideas and models, which has produced economic and social development. deep influence.

Mr. Zhang Guojun has always attached great importance to social responsibility and responsibility and has continued to pay attention to charitable causes. Since the establishment of the group, it has donated more than 3 million donations to poor towns and villages in the hometown, and launched the “going home to send warmth activities”. Every year, it will send warmth and help to poor households, elderly people and students.

He is currently the deputy to the 14th National People's Congress of Chengde City, the executive vice president of Beijing Hebei Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, the president of Beijing Zhangping Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, the chairman of Ronghe Group Co., Ltd., the chairman of Haoshang Investment Management Co., Ltd., and the director of Changjiang Business School Beijing Alumni Association.

He has served successively as a member of the China Federation of Industry and Commerce, a member of the Hebei Youth Federation, a representative of the 14th People's Congress of Chengde City, a member of the Chengde City Federation of Industry and Commerce, a representative of the Luanping County Party, a representative of the People's Congress of Hebei Luping County, and the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Luanping County. Vice Chairman.

Won the 'Capital Youth Contribution Award', 'The 5th Beijing 'Entrepreneur Youth Capital Contribution Award' Silver Award, '2011 Hebei Province to go out to work and get rich', 'ICBC Cup 2010 moved to the top ten news figures', 'Buck 'Shiying really outstanding Communists' and other honorary titles.

Integration into one, harmonious development

Group concept

Harmony - learn from others and develop harmoniously. Openness and tolerance coexist, and on the basis of inheritance and absorption, we will continue to develop and carry forward.

Integrity - Integrity is the foundation of self-reliance, personal integrity does not talk about its survival, the company does not talk about its development.

Innovation - thinking innovation, product (service) innovation, technology innovation, organization and institutional innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation, cultural innovation.

Dedication - Dedication is a kind of morality and realm. Dedication is the embodiment of values. Only when individuals give to the enterprise and the enterprise contributes to the society, can we make progress together.

Group values

Create opportunities for employees, create benefits for the company, and create value for the society.

Carrying dreams and heading for new glory

Ronghe Group will adhere to the concept of “integration, harmonious development”, with capital as the link, culture as the guide, brand as the core, innovation as the driving force, sustainable development, and a unique development path. Make the company good, bigger, and stronger.

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