Introduction of Ronghe Group

Ronghe Investment Group Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is headquartered in the core area of Beijing CBD. After 16 years of development, it has become a modern comprehensive group enterprise involved in various fields of investment and operation, real estate development and engineering construction of the cultural tourism industry. With total assets of 4 billion yuan, the company has more than 20 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding companies.

Ronghe Group started from the municipal engineering construction. Its Beijing Ronghe Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. has 20 years of municipal engineering construction experience, municipal engineering general contracting level qualification, long-term cooperation with large state-owned enterprises in Beijing, and has been rated as an excellent construction enterprise by the Beijing Municipal Government for many times. .

Taking the opportunity of new urbanization and the construction of the capital city cluster, Ronghe Group has successively developed the old city reconstruction project—the integration era, the green livable project—the Ronghe Ridge show, with a development scale of nearly one million square meters, ranking first in Fuping County. .

The Group's investment in the tourism industry industry “Jinshanling Ronghe City” project, with a total planned area of 32 square kilometers, is located at the foot of the Jinshanling Great Wall, a world cultural heritage and national 5A level scenic spot. It is located in the 1.5-hour economic circle of Beijing. The two sports districts are integrated into one, with a construction scale of 1.5 million square meters and a total investment of 12 billion yuan.

As the first sports and leisure industry complex in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Ronghe City was selected as the special sports industry base of Hebei Province in 2018, the national preferred sports industry project in 2018, the sports industry demonstration unit of Hebei Province in 2017, and the key project of Hebei Province in 2016. Up to now, it has signed cooperation agreements with Beijing Sports University, the US DISCOVERY Discovery Channel, and the Hebei Provincial Transportation Center to jointly develop and operate projects. At present, Jinshanling International Shooting Range, Ronghe City National Song Plaza, Tianna Mountain Resort Hotel and Kangyang Club have been built and have been put into operation.

Ronghe Group always adheres to the core concept of “integration and harmonious development”, and actively participates in the construction of cultural industries in its hometown with the principles of harmony, integrity, innovation and dedication. Cooperated with China Photographers Association and Chengde Municipal People's Government to hold a national photography exhibition of 'Wangjinglou Ancient Great Wall' in Hebei, China; and the Chinese Calligraphers Association, Luanping County Party Committee and County Government held the 'Jinshanling Great Wall Cup' National Calligraphy Competition, outstanding works In the National Museum of China, 10 of them were permanently collected by the National Museum of China. While promoting business development and maximizing market value, they actively participated in public welfare undertakings, with a total investment of more than RMB 20 million.

As the president of Beijing Zhangping Enterprise Chamber of Commerce and the chairman of Haoshang Investment Management Co., Ltd., President Zhang Guojun is full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm to build his hometown, benefiting the homesickness and leading outstanding member companies to return home to invest. Continued investment in the construction of high-end commercial housing of 200,000 square meters in Xiunan District of Ronghe Ridge, and invested 5 billion yuan to participate in the West Street shed reform project. In order to meet the sports and leisure needs of the residents of Zhangping City, the investment of Beijing Zhangping Enterprise Chamber of Commerce exceeded 10 billion yuan. Construction of the Muping Sports and Leisure Park Project.

In the future, Ronghe Group will continue to practice the social responsibility of “integration, harmonious development”, adhering to the consistent concept of “creating value for society, creating opportunities for employees, and creating benefits for enterprises”, and actively participating in the construction of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei international metropolitan area. And development, contributing to economic development and people's health and well-being.


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